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Liberty Shipping administers Port agency and ship husbandry services at all Main Russian and Ukrainian Black Sea ports (notably Novorossiysk, Tuapse, Odessa, Illychevsk, Nikolyeav and Yuhzny Ports) and are also well linked to other Russian and Ukrainian ports (namely Azov Sea and inland ports) through sub-agents/contractors.

The Company have a good reputation amongst major shipping lines and trading houses as well as manufacturers for protecting the Clients interests by way of shipments of any type of cargo to and from Russian and Ukrainian Ports.

Our company's dedicated and experienced staff believes that in the marine field, the prime consideration requires being permanently alert to potential problems. Our flexibility and experience permit us to identify impending problems in advance and to solve them before they occur, within the shortest possible time and as economical as possible.

Liberty Shipping offers port disbursement calculations (for freight estimations), make all pre-arrival preparations for a ships acceptance, berth reservation, correspondence with the Ship Owner, and arrangements for all vessel requirements, such as repairs, supplies, tally, medical assistance, survey, etc. The Clients “one-stop” call for all port and maritime requirements.